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What is a Model?

The million dollar question. What is a Model?

Well, if you were to look in the press and on TV, one might have a very narrow view or thought about what a model is. So, what does the dictionary say?

Model: a person or thing considered as a standard of excellence to be imitated

We couldn’t agree more! The media wants us to believe that models are only a small group of people and we should strive to be like them. The definition, however, states “a standard of excellence”, and excellence can be what you believe it to be. Models are confident people of all ages, races, genders, shapes and sizes. Models are pregnant, curvy, tall, small and everything in between. Models are teens and adults of any age…every age is the right age! There is no world-wide standard of what excellence means, and we believe that everyone is what our new standard of excellence should be.

This year we are launching JDW’s Next Top Model. To us, that means that we are looking for people of excellence. The judges will not be judging based on what the stereotypical perception of a model is, but on how our contestants show their personalities and true selves in front of the camera. We are looking for all of you! Yes you, because you are who we believe the definition of model should include. Real people who love themselves, their bodies and their lives.

If this describes you – confident, full of life, wanting to try new things and to celebrate yourself for who you are – we would love to have you enter our

Still not sure? Check out this video then

For more contest details click here.

Let’s redefine beauty and show the world what excellence really is.

P.S. I decided to ask the question “What does the word “Model” mean to you?” on my Facebook page here are some of the responses.

– “Not only physical looks but inner beauty radiating through for the world to love, no matter if you are a size 2 or 20. Beauty is beauty regardless of the package as long as its the WHOLE package!”

– “Someone who has the bravery to portray their inner beauty on the outside. Confident, strong, fearless and most importantly, comfortable with who they are. They comes in all shapes and sizes and they are an examole of all the different types of beautiful people are.”

– “A model is a beautiful person on the inside and out. A person you can look up to, confide in and sets an example for others.”

– “Someone who has a glow and confidence about them. And they truly enjoy being in the spot light. Body Size and looks are not all that matters”

– “the fierceness to strut your stuff and love who you are, even if not a ‘supermodel’!”


These are just a few of the amazing comments we got when asking the question “What does the word “Model” mean to you?”

Now what are you waiting for? Go to the CONTEST PAGE and give us a call…… lets have some fun.!

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