Guelph Spider-man

The Amazing Spectacular Guelph Spider-man

Brandon Bott is Spider-ma


2 Superheros in one week in the studio…. how cool is that. Last wee Superman was in the studio (my son Austin)

This week Brando Bott…. also known around the City of Guelph as “Guelph Spectacular Spider-man”

Brandon asked me to create an image like the movie poster to put on his car. Soooooo here it is.

Spidy and I had a blast going through different poses and action shots and I am really looking forward to playing with those in the coming weeks. But I wanted to finish up the image that was requested so Spider-man can get this made for his car.

It was also fun having my son come down to the studio and give Spidy some ideas for posing….. and Brandon did not disappoint.

Check out Brandons Facebook page and talk to him about making appearances at special events like Birthday Parties. 

Now if only I could talk Spinder-man into shoveling my driveway for me today. 🙂

Here is the before and after photo. Let me know what you think 🙂

Spiderman in Guelph

Guelph Spiderman




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