Tri City Roller Derby Photographers

Tri City Roller Derby Photographers

Roller Derby Athletes


This is Crazy Squirrel. 🙂

Squirrel is a competitive roller derby athlete who is a skating member of Tri City Roller Derby (TCRD).

Tri City Roller Derby is a registered not-for-profit, all-women’s flat-track derby league based out of Waterloo Region, Ontario. It is a skater-run, flat track roller derby league who has been members of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) since 2010.

Within the TCRD league, there are 2 home teams (Vicious Dishes & Venus Fly Tramps), 1 farm team (Total Knockouts), 1 all-star travel team (Tri City Travel), 1 amazing junior team (Tri City Junior Roller Derby), a herd of highly qualified skating officials, and a group of equally qualified and hardworking non-skating officials.

As members of the WFTDA, Tri City Travel represents TCRD at an international level. They travel across Canada as well as internationally to play roller derby at its most competitive level. There are over 275 leagues members of WFTDA, and Tri City Travel is currently ranked 47th in the world.

The home teams do less traveling, and play against teams in the surrounding areas on a slightly more recreational level.

The farm team allows for rookie skaters to learn the game and develop their skills before being drafted to home teams (or before trying out for the travel team).

The junior team is a group of athletes who are ages 9 to 17. They play against other junior teams across the Ontario.

Roller Derby is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide, combining a unique mix of supreme athletics, creativity and comradery. There are established leagues in nearly every major city in Canada including London, Hamilton, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

As roller derby has re-emerged over the past decade the emphasis has shifted from theatrics to sport. Everything you’ll see on the roller derby track is un-staged. Modern roller derby athletes are dedicated to training & pushing themselves (and each other) for continuous improvement.

If you have not had a chance to watch roller derby action, we highly recommend you do!

You can watch Crazy Squirrel as captain of Tri City Travel at TCRD’s annual Beaver Fever Tournament on May 13th-15th at 101 Father David Bauer Drive, Waterloo, ON.

She will also be representing on the Vicious Dishes as they take on the Killer Queens from Royal City Roller Derby on May 28th at 150 Lincoln Rd, Waterloo, ON. For more information, click here.

If have ever considered becoming a member of a roller derby league, we also highly recommend you do! You can find information about joining TCRD as a skater, official, coach and/or volunteer by clicking here!


EPIC SPORTraits sessions are for ANY Sport or Hobby and ANY age of athlete. These are high end custom portraits by International Award Winning Photographer, John Wills CPA.

Check out our Epic SPORTrait Page for more information on these AMAZING sessions.


Tri City Roller Derby Photographers

Guelph Minor Baseball Photographers

Epic SPORTraits

Guelph Sports Photographers

WOW what an amazing weekend. Epic SPORTraits and John Wills Photography had a booth at the Guelph Home Show this past weekend. It was a fun filled 3 days and we had INCREDIBLE response to our crazy cool sports portraits. We met lots of amazing vendors and people there. Some of the people that didn’t even have kids were stopping by to comment on these photos. One woman actually made the comment “almost makes me want to have another child just so she could get these done” 🙂

We also had a lot of comments asking about other sports that were not shown on the website or in the booth and YES we can do ANY sport or hobby for this… in fact we just booked a Mom that does Roller Derby…. that one is going to be EPIC. So just because you don’t see your sport on here ….. doesn’t mean we don’t do it 🙂

Below is an image I just created of Luke Sutcliffe. As you can see our Epic SPORTraits are unique and very creative. Check out another image I did of Luke HERE.

These photos are shot in our studio NOT on location so weather plays no part in the photos. 🙂

So if you are looking to get a unique cool sports portrait for an athlete in your home…. look no further and call us today. You won’t be disappointment. 🙂


Guelph Minor Baseball Photographers

Ballerina and Dance Photographers

Ballerina and Dance Photographers

Guelph Portrait Studios


We are getting very close to launching our “Epic Sportraits”.  Most of the photos we have been doing so far have been more on the dramatic and edgy side. Well, that was next to impossible with Faith, the four year old Ballerina. SOOOOO much cuteness! We had to change our approach to her photo shoot. This little superstar was incredible to work with. She did everything I asked and as you can see, had a smile on her face the whole time 🙂

Ballerina and Dance Photographers

Whether your favorite activity is edgy and cool, or artful and creative, we can capture it in a unique way that shows you engaging in something you love. We’d love to talk to you and brainstorm your own “Epic Sportrait”. Give us a call today. 519-400-6996

Check out some other Sportraits HERE.

Guelph Custom Sport Portraits

Guelph Custom Sport Portraits

Epic Sportraits by John Wills

We are ALMOST ready to release all the details of our new Edgy Sportraits here at our portrait photography studio in Guelph.

These fun images of kids and their favorite sports are unique and will look amazing on your living room wall.

I want to share with you this incredible testimonial sent to me this morning.

“Luke has always been the strong silent type, reluctant to smile for the camera and often avoiding having his picture taken. When we learned of the opportunity to work with John as a model to help launch his epic sports photography I thought it was worth the ask.  When Luke heard of the possibility, his eyes lit up.  We were all really excited.

  When the night of the session came, he was tired (having come home from practice a few hours earlier) but was all in.   As a mom, I know when there are times to be present and times to stand back, and I let John take the reins.   At the end of the session, John was thrilled with what he was able to capture and our strong, silent, slow to smile but all in loving baseball and anything to do with baseball player had a smile from ear to ear.    In the car on the way home, he kept telling me that it was so much fun, I’m so glad I did this mom.  This is going to be awesome to see what John could do.  And awesome it was.   We met with John last night as a family.  As we reviewed the images that John was able to make come alive, I was wiping tears away, my husband was wiping tears away and our baseball player had a bigger grin than we could have ever imagined.  It made choosing what we would display in our home as art really hard!!   While the images are amazing (THANK YOU JOHN!!)  The comment that is priceless comes from Luke himself.   “Mom, those pictures were so awesome!!  You know what I saw?  I saw how strong I am.  John took a picture and was able to show me strength, and my love of the game in a way that I did not see before”.   The power of images in often in the eye of the beholder.  John’s passion and eye for that power in the athletes he is working with brings that power to the forefront in the final images.    This is what makes these sessions epic.   Thank you again John.  We cannot wait to see our images. ” – Heather and Terry Sutcliffe If you would like more information on our “Epic Sportraits” please fill out the contact form below Luke’s Image. You can also check out another athlete from one of these cool sessions HERE.

This is 11 year old Luke Sutcliffe

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Cool Sports Portraits Guelph

Cool Sports Portraits Guelph

Basketball Portaits


This is DEFINITELY one of our most requested edits for our cool sports portraits.

This is 12 yr old Jesse Bauman, an amazing basket ball player and also a good friend of our family.

This great young man plays Rep Basketball for Guelph Phoenix and just finished playing in a big tournament in Brantford this past weekend, where his team took first place after winning the Championship game by ONE point.

Our sports portraits are very popular. Your young “athlete” may never make the big leagues BUT we can sure photograph them like they are.

Contact us today to book your future star in for a fun session.


Cool Sports Portraits Guelph

Sports Photographers in Guelph and Area

Sports Photographers in Guelph and Area

 Epic Sports Photos by John Wills

Have your future superstars photographed by one of the area’s top Professional Portrait Photographers. John Wills was awarded “2014 Ontario Portrait Photographer of the Year” by the Professional Photographers of Canada. John is now doing EPIC Sports Photos, and is looking for a few athletes to come into the studio and model. These sports photos are not the typical images from your league photographer…. these are edgy, cool, dynamic and EPIC, just like the pros get.

Your little athlete may never reach the big leagues, but that doesn’t mean he/she can’t have photos just like them. These innovative sports photos are meant to hang big on the walls of your home. We offer many amazing print options at all different price points. Why not come in for a crazy cool sports portrait?

We are looking for a few athletes in sports that we have not yet photographed. Dance, Cheer, Football, Basketball, Lacrosse, Baseball, Volleyball, Soccer and Hockey are just some that we would like to photograph in our studio. If you have another sport, we shoot that too!

We just photographed a cool MMA fighter check out one of her photos and story HERE.

Fill our the form at the bottom of this page if you would like to book your superstar athlete in for some EPIC Sports Photos.

Sports Photographers in Guelph and Area


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