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What is a Model?

The million dollar question. What is a Model?

Well, if you were to look in the press and on TV, one might have a very narrow view or thought about what a model is. So, what does the dictionary say?

Model: a person or thing considered as a standard of excellence to be imitated

We couldn’t agree more! The media wants us to believe that models are only a small group of people and we should strive to be like them. The definition, however, states “a standard of excellence”, and excellence can be what you believe it to be. Models are confident people of all ages, races, genders, shapes and sizes. Models are pregnant, curvy, tall, small and everything in between. Models are teens and adults of any age…every age is the right age! There is no world-wide standard of what excellence means, and we believe that everyone is what our new standard of excellence should be.

This year we are launching JDW’s Next Top Model. To us, that means that we are looking for people of excellence. The judges will not be judging based on what the stereotypical perception of a model is, but on how our contestants show their personalities and true selves in front of the camera. We are looking for all of you! Yes you, because you are who we believe the definition of model should include. Real people who love themselves, their bodies and their lives.

If this describes you – confident, full of life, wanting to try new things and to celebrate yourself for who you are – we would love to have you enter our contest.

Still not sure? Check out this video then

For more contest details click here.

Let’s redefine beauty and show the world what excellence really is.

P.S. I decided to ask the question “What does the word “Model” mean to you?” on my Facebook page here are some of the responses.

– “Not only physical looks but inner beauty radiating through for the world to love, no matter if you are a size 2 or 20. Beauty is beauty regardless of the package as long as its the WHOLE package!”

– “Someone who has the bravery to portray their inner beauty on the outside. Confident, strong, fearless and most importantly, comfortable with who they are. They comes in all shapes and sizes and they are an examole of all the different types of beautiful people are.”

– “A model is a beautiful person on the inside and out. A person you can look up to, confide in and sets an example for others.”

– “Someone who has a glow and confidence about them. And they truly enjoy being in the spot light. Body Size and looks are not all that matters”

– “the fierceness to strut your stuff and love who you are, even if not a ‘supermodel’!”


These are just a few of the amazing comments we got when asking the question “What does the word “Model” mean to you?”

Now what are you waiting for? Go to the CONTEST PAGE and give us a call…… lets have some fun.!

or call 519-400-6996 to book your session TODAY.

Sweet 16 Photo Shoot in Guelph

Turning 16 only happens ONCE in your life and it is a pretty big deal πŸ™‚

Why not celebrate it with a custom photo shoot with John Wills Photography?

It is a great way to celebrate who you are at this very important time in your life….. also works great for a cool gift idea πŸ™‚

Check out what Leah and her mom Susan had to say about Leah’s photo shoot.

“My daughter Leah and I had an amazing experience with John. Leah was scared and debated backing out of her Sweet 16 photo session, but John talked to her and she easily changed her mind. From the moment we met at the photo site, to the end of the session John kept her smiling, at ease and completely thrilled with the day! I was worried about how to narrow down the photos (since he took 150+ shots), but even that experience was painless. I would recommend having John do any of your special moment photos as there is no doubt that you will walk away with very precious memories to cherish for a lifetime and many generations to come! Thanks John for capturing this special event in my daughters life!” – Susan Shaw (mom)

“John took my photos and I had a great time with him! He made me feel relaxed and myself, I couldn’t help but smile for him! If any of my friends are looking to have some beautiful outdoor photos taken, I would recommend John. I have never had an experience like this, but would love to do it all over again! Thanks John for all of the help, encouragement and instructions you provided me!” – Leah Amber Shaw

CONTACT US TODAY to book your Sweet 16 Professional Photos Shoot.

Guelph Highschool Photographer

What an incredible morning hanging out with this beautiful young woman. Leah’s mom Susan ,whom I went to high school with, contacted me about getting some photos done of her 16 year old daughter. So we set up a photo shot and well…. Leah kicked ass. She was a total natural in front of the camera as you can see in this photo…and I think there was only one mosquito bite the whole time πŸ™‚

If you are wanting an incredible experience for your young adults give us a shout and book a photos shot.

We make our sessions very relaxed and enjoyable and tailor them to our clients.

Check out some more images HERE of some other High School Students that have come to us for some cool photos.

Also check out our Family Fall Family Promotion HERE πŸ™‚

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High School Portrait Photographers in Guelph

Grad Photographers in Guelph and Kitchener

Tricia Braunstein’s Grad Session.

Graduation photos don’t have to be boring… fact they should be just the opposite.

This future superstar will be able to look back at these photos and truly remember her High School Senior Year.

If you want to have crazy cool images photographed by a 14 time International Award Winning Photographer don’t wait. We are only taking on 20 Grads this year. Check out more of what we do in our Grad section HERE

Tell your parents you want a professional photo shoot by John Wills Photography for your graduation present.

High School Grad Photographers in Guelph and Fergus

Tricia Braunstein is a 17 year old senior at St. James High School in Guelph…..and lets face it she can totally ROCK A PHOTO SHOOT πŸ™‚ Tricia plans to be a Doctor and specialize in Paediatric Oncology…..well that is after she enters the Miss Teen Canada World Pageant in January πŸ™‚ This beautiful young lady came into the studio with her mom to get a couple images to use for the pageant and we also started shooting and planning her High School Senior Photos… is that session going to be a blast. I can say one thing for sure what ever Tricia ends up doing in the future she will excel at πŸ™‚ Thanks Tricia for a fun session and I am looking forward to you being one of our High School Grad Ambassadors in the spring πŸ™‚ If you are interested in getting some KICK ASS GRAD photos to remember this important time in your life. Give us a shout to set up and start planning your personalized session. CLICK HERE to send us a quick message πŸ™‚

Also be sure and check out our Grad Section…… might recognize some of your friends in there πŸ™‚

Cool Graduation Photos and Photographers in Kitchener

High School Grad Photos in Guelph Kitchener and Waterloo……..don’t have to be the boring “Hat and Gown” images you get from the school photographer. YOU CAN CHOOSE to get some kick ass images to remember this amazing time in your life…… Erin did as have many man others. Check here to see if you know anyone else that now have wickedly cool grad photos πŸ™‚

Have your parents give us a call to book a crazy cool Grad Session that you will make you the envy of all your friends πŸ™‚


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Trash the Prom Dress

WOW what a great testimonial from one of my grads…. πŸ™‚

“John Wills is an amazing photographer. I’ve never felt so confident in getting my picture taken or had so much fun with it. John has done my grad photos, a shoot me and my mother won’t forget, and they turned out AMAZING. So much better than the generic cap and gown everyone gets. John and I also did a β€œtrash the PROM dress” session, and I am speechless at the results. I had the time of my life shooting with him and the results were BEYOND amazing. I couldn’t help but love every photo. It will be a wonderful thing to look back on later on in my life at my high school years. My mom and dad were also amazed by the pictures and how they turned out. John is a very likeable and comfortable guy to be around and does everything to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Myself, and the rest of my family, really recommend people, families, grads, anyone to John Wills Photography if they want some amazing pictures and an experience they won’t forget. I can’t wait to work with John again!”

Amanda Vander Griendt

Want to get some KICK ASS Grad Photos to look back on in 20 years……give us a shout and we can set up a crazy cool Grad Session for you. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US or call to book your appointment 519-400-6996

CHECK Β out some of the other Grads we have photographed……you might know some of them πŸ™‚

Guelph and Area Graduation Photographers

Jenny Crha now has some cool photos for her to look back at her senior year of High School. Jenny’s mom gave us a shout to book her daughter a Grad Session with her horse Tivolie, before Jenny goes off to University. We spent some time just walking around the stables taking photos of these 2 beautiful ladies. Thank you Jenn and Tivy for a wonderful evening……and to all the horse flies out there bugger off πŸ™‚

If you have just graduated from High School and want some cool Grad Photos GIVE US A SHOUT to set up your custom photo shoot.

Make sure you also check out our Grad Section HERE on the site to see what other Grads are doing πŸ™‚

Trash the Prom Dress

Sooooo lets see…….you can get the silly hat and gown photos to remember your senior year of high school OR you can get some crazy cool images in your prom dress. What would you rather look back on in 15 years? Call us to book your Trash the Prom Dress Session…..we don’t actually Trash it….we just get it dirty and wet πŸ™‚ Amanda did…….. πŸ™‚ CLCIK HERE to contact us and book your session.

Make sure you check out our Grad Page…….see if you know anyone else that has some cool Grad Photos πŸ™‚

You still have time to get some outside family portraits but don’t wait….the fluffy white stuff is coming , give us a call 519-400-6996 πŸ™‚

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High School Grad Photographers in Guelph

Grad Season is heating up here at the studio. “Trash the Prom Dress” sessions are booking fast along with some kick ass sports sessions for the guys……just like Luke’s photo below. Check out this cool slide show of some of the amazing students that came in for some unique grad photos CLIKC HERE.

Also check out our Grad page here on the website more more cool photos and information…….you might just know some of the superstars in the photos πŸ™‚ CLICK HERE

One of Luke’s photos from his session just was just awarded a Merit at the Canadian National Image Competition put on by the largest Professional Photographers Association in Canada….. the PPOC. (that image will be posted at a later date) This is the second major award we have received for our Grad Photography….who knows maybe one of your images will be entered next πŸ™‚


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