I turned 45 years old this year……and this is what my wife gave me :)

A couple weeks ago I celebrated my 45th Birthday….. this is what my wife sent me 🙂

Happy Birthday


45 Reasons that I’m glad you were born:


45.      You catch fish, and I like to eat them.

44.      You make me laugh.

43.      We have so many things in common.

42.      You’re cute.

41.      You are the most generous person I know.

40.      You make the best armpit noises.

39.      You like to camp.

38.      Canoeing with you is fun and relaxing.

37.      You’ll eat most anything I cook.

36.      You have the most amazing sense of humour.

35.      You never stop caring.

34.      You take care of your family no matter what.

33.      I would trust you with anything.

32.      You can dance.

31.      You barbecue a mean steak.

30.      Nobody vacuums a floor like you.

29.      You do the tasks I don’t like to do.

28.      You like the simple things and don’t need fancy or difficult.

27.      You work with my quirks.

26.      We get along 99% of the time. Those are good odds.

25.      You laugh like no one else I know….other than our goofball boy.

24.      You are the father to my son.

23.      You know how to calm me down.

22.      You are still learning, and that is a great gift to yourself.

21.      You are thoughtful.

20.      You have a strong will.

19.      You are an athlete who is talented in every sport/activity that you try.

18.      You can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

17.      You started a second career in a new field, and have never looked back.

16.      You aren’t afraid to have feelings.

15.      You know the value of family and time together.

14.      You are respected and you respect others.

13.      New experiences excite you.

12.      You let me love you.

11.      You love our son.

10.      You love me.

9.         You are a grown man who loves to be silly, and that is wonderful!

8.         You are always open to trying new things.

7.         You are kind.

6.         Life would be long without you.

5.         I can’t imagine being married to anyone else.

4.         I’m so comfortable with you.

3.         Our son adores you.

2.         You are the best father I could have ever dreamt for a child.

1.         I waited a long time to find my best-forever friend, and it’s you!


Thank you Kim I LOVE you with all my heart 🙂

Fun Family Photos in Guelph and Kitchener

So our 2 year old son, when asked what he wanted from Santa, said “rope BIG rope”. We now know what he really wanted was something his parents never give him……. CHOCOLATE 🙂 Happy Holidays to all our friends and clients. 🙂

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25 Things you probably don’t know about me :)

1: My favourite piece of clothing in my closet is my House Coat.

2: I actually like to cut my grass.

3: I think Diet Coke should be the 5th basic food group.

4: My son is named after my late Father.

5: My number one favourite movie is “Field of Dreams”

6: I was a DJ in high school

7: I am a die hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan even though they haven’t won a cup since before I was born 🙂

8: My favourite bird is the Scarlet Tanager

9: The biggest Bass I have ever caught is 7 lbs 14 oz.

10: The first car I ever owned was a 4 door Dodge Aries

11: My dream car is a Porsche 911 (one day I will own one)

12: I have a secret crush on the musical artist Pink

13: My favourite book to date is “Un-Marketing” by Scott Stratten (this is where the 25 things came from)

14: I cut myself shaving almost every time

15: Hate wearing socks

16: I set 10 life goals at the beginning of every year and put them in an envelope to be opened 12 months later

17: My late Father was my best friend

18: I love the smell of rain

19: I have a secret desire to own a Harley Davidson

20: I can listen to Led Zepplin and James Taylor back to back

21: I can remember phone numbers from my childhood but can’t remember who they belong too 🙂

22: The first ever album I bought with my own money was Supertramp Breakfast in America

23: My wife and son are the most important things in the world…..everything else is just a bonus

24: I am a pro at starting projects and not finishing them…..

Award Winning Wedding Photographer in Guelph

This year I decided to enter an image in one of the biggest photography print contests in the world, the WPPI Second Half Print Competition. When I took this image at Tod and Erin Helkaa’s wedding it was an instant favorite of mine so I thought what the heck lets see what the judges think. And to my surprise it was awarded an “Accolade of Excellence” scoring 86 points. I am incredibly excited about this award and wanted to share the good news with all of you.

                                 “Guinness Groom”

Guelph Photographers

Here is a slide show I put together with images from Austins first couple weeks of life 🙂 So looking forward to our first full year with Austin as 2011 looks to be an incredible year. Happy New Year everyone 🙂

Team Canada

Starting Austin off early 🙂 GO CANADA GO

Guelph Baby Photographers

Around this time of year I like many others tend to get a bit overwhelmed with things. The world just seems to speed up during the Holiday Season. Everyone is in a hurry, trying to get their last few things bought and wrapped. Parents are stressed at the financial strain of this time of year. Kids are crazy excited and a bit out of control (and some adults like me ). Maybe we should all just sit back take some time and breath and remember all the simple things in life and not how much we spend on one another. Sit down with your kids, play, sing, watch a Christmas movie, go for a family walk and look at all the beautiful Christmas Lights ( like my wife and I did last night) or just take some time to yourself and enjoy this beautiful time of year. You will be thankful you did. Happy Holdidays Everyone 🙂

Guelph Photographers

Daddy got to feed Austin today….I was very very extied about this , even had tears in my eyes 🙂 I can’t wait to have my family home with me.


Austin Lee Wills 🙂

Born November 17, 2010 Austin made his appearance at 11:26 pm and weighed in at 9 lbs 3 oz….and is a whopping 21 1/2 inches long 🙂 His mother is a ROCK STAR and the most amazing person I have ever met (next to my son). Both Mom and Austin are doing well and dad is incredibly proud of the both of them.

My Family :)

Over the past month I have been showing images of some of the families that I have been photographing. Today I thought I would share a couple images of my family. Yesterday was my sister Deb’s Birthday so I decided to take a couple quick photographs in my Mom and Step Dad’s backyard. It was a beautiful fall day to spend with family and as usual we had a lot of laughs and some great food.

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