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My Christmas List for 2015

Dear Santa:

I just wanted to send you a quick note.

This year I don’t want or need anything. I have absolutely everything I could possibly want. I have an incredible wife, who supports me in everything I do and try. (sometimes she just shakes her head and laughs at me but I am ok with that) Kim is my best friend and makes me a better person. (Ok Santa just maybe you could help me find a way to let me win an argument for once…. I would be greatly appreciative). If you could also put a little something extra under the tree for her as she deserves the world for putting up with me. 🙂

Santa as you already know, I have an amazing 5 year old son named Austin. This superstar makes me laugh EVERY day from the minute he wakes up till the time he goes to bed. (ok so maybe Santa we could talk about the time of morning Austin wakes up…. if there is any chance you can get him to sleep in past 5:50 am that would be fabulous)

Austin sure doesn’t need any more toys….. but man he sure deserves them. (Maybe this year Santa you could not bring him a LEGO set with 12,368 pieces)

As for the rest of my family….. Well they have been nothing short of AMAZING. They are always there when Kim, Austin or I need them. They are simply incredible with our son and would do anything for him. So please look after them on the 25th.

For my Mom Linda….. I think she would like a pair of socks and gloves that would keep her fingers and toes warm even in – 300 degree weather.

For Rino…. I think he would like for the Guelph Storm to win the Memorial Cup.

For my sister Deb…….  an new Mrs. Beasley doll. 🙂

For my outlaws

Barb would like to take some dancing lessons….. most likely concentrate on “The Twist” 🙂

Don would probably like lessons on the Paddle Board ….. (he may disown me for that comment)

Lisa would LOVE a teaching job at University of Guelph …. (OK maybe Kim and I would like that for her)


For all my AMAZING clients and friends I wish everyone a very prosperous and happy 2016.


As you can see Santa we are not a family that needs very much this year…….

ahhhhh screw that I would like a $500.00 bottle of scotch as I have been a VERY good boy this year….. hook a guy up please. 🙂


Happy Holidays from John Wills Photography 🙂

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