Engagement Photographers in Waterloo and Kitchener

Every engagement session is different from the others. Couples have their own ideas of where they want to be photographed, usually the places they pick have meaning to both of them. Take last nights session with Kristen Mitchell and Shawn Warren. They wanted photos taken under a special tree in a park (first photo)…..no I wasn’t aware that this involved a 6 mile hike but hey I think it was worth it. They also wanted to take a some photos at the U of W where the met (second photo) so we spent some time wandering around the campus. They also wanted to get a photo sitting in the exact same spot in the middle of the road where they first “told each other how they felt” (third image). After we got these fun images they then asked the photographer (me) if I had any ideas……….hehehehehehe…..do I have ideas???????
Now go stand in the splash park and make out (image four) …. go sit in the pond and cuddle while I set up some flashes and people walk buy thinking you are crazy 🙂 (image five)
I wonder who will be in charge of ideas on December 3rd….. I bet the water is going to be pretty chilly ???????
Kristen and Shawn thanks for a spectacular evening….lots of laughs ( usually at the expense of Kristen ). I am really looking forward to your wedding day, we are going to have a blast.
If you are interested in contacting us to book a fun engagement session CLICK HERE and we will get you all set up for a great time 🙂

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