Family Photographers in Georgetown, Ontario

Well I am not to sure about what season it is right now in Ontario…….I was wearing jeans and a jacket last night on a family session 🙁
5 days ago I was photographing a wedding and was probably suffering from dehydration because it was so hot……crazy.

But the cooler temperatures sure make it nicer for family photos. I had an amazing night with 5 year old Riley and his beautiful family. I was warned ahead of time that Riley’s little brother Myles was very very shy…….well he hasn’t met this photographer yet.  How does that saying go ” like putty in my hand”….all it took was me being a bit goofy (which is how I am all the time anyway), who knew that smelling a weed could be so funny?

Most of the night we just let these 2 boys play and have fun….but we did get a chance to take some really cool photos as well.

A big thanks to this beautiful family for a great fall….er….summer evening….. I had a blast 🙂

2 thoughts on “Family Photographers in Georgetown, Ontario”

  1. I am so in love with the picture of the boys running! It will most definitely find a place on our walls. Thank you so much John, we all had a fantastic time.

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