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JDW’s Next Top Model Contestant

Ashley Geremia

First I wanted to share what Ashley’s Mom, Shelly had to say about her daughters shoot in the Guelph and Area 🙂

“I really had a tough time deciding if I wanted to enter my daughter Ashley into this contest. The word “model” can be scary and we automatically think of those super thin, super tall, famous models that walk the runways. We all have a perception, thanks to society, of what a “model” should look like and I did not want my 16 year old daughter to think that she had to look a certain way in order to participate in this contest. I voiced my concerns to John and right away he put my mind at rest. He explained this is not what this contest is about, that it is about celebrating each and every contestant and making everyone feel special regardless of age, shape and size.
We had a blast during our photo session. Our location was absolutely incredible and the time flew by. I was completely impressed by John’s attitude and professionalism and how he was able to put Ashley at ease in front of the camera. I can totally see why he was voted as 2014’s Photographer of the Year. His passion shows in his work and you can tell that he absolutely loves what he does! Thank you John for this incredible opportunity…I am thrilled that Ashley was able to participate in this contest. Nothing made this Mom happier than seeing her daughter shine and her confidence grow.” – Shelly Gow Geremia

and now Ashley 🙂

“My name is Ashley, I’m 16 years old and will be starting grade 11 in September. I play guitar, ukulele, and I sing. Music is my way of escaping reality and traveling to my own word. It has helped me through my toughest times, and brought me strength when I thought I had none. I am a huge fan of literature, including reading and writing it; writing is yet another way of escaping reality. My ultimate passion in life is science, and I plan to grow up and become a scientist. I play rugby and go to the gym a lot, but that part of my life had to be put on hold after acquiring a stage 3 concussion in April. Although I am not fully recovered, the past few months have made me stronger than ever, and I am forever grateful for that. I cannot play rugby again due to all of the major risk factors, but I have made peace with that situation and can continue physical activity in other ways! I enjoyed being in front of the camera, and cannot thank John enough for the absolutely amazing experience!” – Ashley

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