Guelph Custom Sport Portraits

Guelph Custom Sport Portraits

Epic Sportraits by John Wills

We are ALMOST ready to release all the details of our new Edgy Sportraits here at our portrait photography studio in Guelph.

These fun images of kids and their favorite sports are unique and will look amazing on your living room wall.

I want to share with you this incredible testimonial sent to me this morning.

“Luke has always been the strong silent type, reluctant to smile for the camera and often avoiding having his picture taken. When we learned of the opportunity to work with John as a model to help launch his epic sports photography I thought it was worth the ask.  When Luke heard of the possibility, his eyes lit up.  We were all really excited.

When the night of the session came, he was tired (having come home from practice a few hours earlier) but was all in.  
As a mom, I know when there are times to be present and times to stand back, and I let John take the reins.  
At the end of the session, John was thrilled with what he was able to capture and our strong, silent, slow to smile but all in loving baseball and anything to do with baseball player had a smile from ear to ear.   
In the car on the way home, he kept telling me that it was so much fun, I’m so glad I did this mom.  This is going to be awesome to see what John could do.  And awesome it was.  
We met with John last night as a family.  As we reviewed the images that John was able to make come alive, I was wiping tears away, my husband was wiping tears away and our baseball player had a bigger grin than we could have ever imagined.  It made choosing what we would display in our home as art really hard!!  
While the images are amazing (THANK YOU JOHN!!)  The comment that is priceless comes from Luke himself.  
“Mom, those pictures were so awesome!!  You know what I saw?  I saw how strong I am.  John took a picture and was able to show me strength, and my love of the game in a way that I did not see before”. 
 The power of images in often in the eye of the beholder.  John’s passion and eye for that power in the athletes he is working with brings that power to the forefront in the final images.    This is what makes these sessions epic.  
Thank you again John.  We cannot wait to see our images. ” – Heather and Terry Sutcliffe
If you would like more information on our “Epic Sportraits” please fill out the contact form below Luke’s Image.
You can also check out another athlete from one of these cool sessions HERE.

This is 11 year old Luke Sutcliffe

Guelph Custom Sport Portraits
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