Willsie’s Weekly Word

Willsie’s Weekly Word

Week 1, 2017

So another year has past and we awoke this morning to new beginnings and excitement for the year to come.

Every week I will be making a blog post about a phase, thought, word or experience to hopefully help you make the most of the following 7 days.

Now I want to be clear…… I am not a doctor, psychiatrist or counselor…… I am a photographer. (if you hadn’t figured that out yet) I will only be sharing my thoughts, experiences and opinions in hopes that we can all have a SPECTACULAR year in 2017.

I may only post a photo, sometimes I will share a video other times I will just ramble on a bit 🙂

I hope you get something out of it every week and please let me know your thoughts by commenting.

So to start things of I am going to talk about a phrase that I now have tattooed on my arm.

” A negative mind will never give you a positive life”

Guelph Photographers

Every day I struggle with negative thoughts…… YES EVERY DAY. These negative thoughts can be about my business, my body/health, my personal life or about people in my life and many many other things.

These negative thoughts can change my mood drastically and NEVER do me any good what so ever.

In past experiences negative thoughts have only ever brought on negative things.

Just like positive thoughts will bring on positive things.

Don’t believe me?  Next time you are having a bad day…. stop and think about how and when it all started.

Do the same thing when you are having a great day. I think you will see that most of the time your mind and thoughts were either negative or positive.

So I had the tattoo done a few days ago on the my left forearm. Now when ever I start having negative thoughts I look down on my arm and read the words…. ” A negative mind will never give you a positive life “.  I am not telling you to go out and get this tattooed on your arm or anything like that, but why not write it down on a piece of paper and put it on your fridge or beside your computer?

The next time you find yourself thinking negatively…. say this phrase and change your thoughts to something positive.

Try this for a week and see if more positive things start happening in your life. And then check back here for next weeks post.

Now this is just the first post in this series…. I am stepping out of my comfort zone doing this and I will get better as the weeks go by.

I plan on having the most SPECTACULAR year in 2017…… want to join me?



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