Happy Holdidays

10 Things to do this Holiday Season

In this busy time of year sometimes we get caught up in all the rushing and caos. This year I am trying to slow life down a bit and really enjoy the Christmas Season. I have made a small list of things we can all do to make this Holiday Season more enjoyable and maybe get back to the simple things in life. Please feel free to add others to the list by commenting below and to also share the link with friends, family and facebook.

1. Volenteer of donate to a local charity ( remeber there are many people that really struggle with life and even more so this time of year)

2. Kiss and hug your partner like it will be the last time ( kisses and hugs are totally free and are usually more appreciated than gifts)

3. Tell a friend or family member why you appreciate them ( you would be surprised how powerful words can be )

4. Pay it forward to a stranger ( buy the person in line behind you a coffee you might just make their day )

5. Shovel your neighbours driveway ( this also helps in working off that extra couple pounds that this season adds )

6. Go for a walk in the woods…stop, close your eyes, and listen to the birds and the wind.


8. Call an old friend just to say hi. (if you are calling me make sure it is before 9:00 lol )

9. Write down your top 10 memories of 2010 and put it on your fridge. (have family members do the same)

10. Call your Mom and Dad and tell them you Love them and say thanks for all they have done.

This list could go on and on I am sure so please feel free to add some below and remeber to share this link and pass on the Holiday Spirit to friends and Family.

From my Family to yours Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

John, Kim and Austin đŸ™‚



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