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Family Portraits

Family time is something that is so valued in life. Having family portraits taken is a great way to document your ever-changing family!

Please take the time to watch this 6 minute video. I think it is so important for everyone to see. It brought tears to my eyes the first time I watched it and really made my think about taking more photos of my family and I so we will have them for ever and ever.

“Keep me….Protect me…..Share me, and I will live forever.”

While family and children’s portraits are perfect for a family to have in their home at present, they are also a great way to preserve memories for your children to look back on in the future!

A photograph is a way of freezing time and preserving it for ever.

My family sessions are very laid back and relaxed. I like having a good time with my clients and find that the results a genuine smile for everyone.

Who is involved in your family portrait? That depends on your needs. It may be your immediate family for a great collections of photos for your wall, or a large extended family photo for that “once in a blue moon” capture of everyone in the same place at the same time. Family pets are also welcome members of the family!

Pricing and Packages

Capture memories of you and your family at each stage in your lives! Our family sessions are one to two hours in length in the studio or at the location of your choice.

What is included with your session

Family Sessions: Session fee $150.00 for up to 5 people (Please contact us for larger groups).
– An in-person or phone consultation prior to your shoot
– A one/two hour session in studio or on location
– A variety of processed images to choose from
– A personalized viewing session where you purchase your favourites for a life time of memories

Purchasing Your Digital Files
There are many benefits to purchasing digital files compared to prints and the main one being cost savings.
With each file purchased you can then make as many copies for Grandparents, friends and families……this will be a HUGE savings for you in the long run.
The average price for an 8×10 print from professional photographers is $45.00 for ONE.
With our digital files you can you can go to a good print lab and pay a fraction of that price at your convenience.
The digital files have NO watermarks on them and can be printed 4×6, 5×7 or 8×10. Larger images can then be purchased through our studio.

Digital Files are $35.00 each
10 for $325.00 ($32.50 each)
20 for $600.00 ($30.00 each) (plus you get %10 off any size gallery wrap, plexi print, aluma print or wood print)
30 for $750.00 ($25.00 each) (plus you get %20 off any size gallery wrap, plexi print, aluma print or wood print)
40 for $1000.00 ($25.00 each) (plus you get %30 off any size gallery wrap, plexi print, aluma print or wood print) and in addition you get a High Res. DVD slide show of your images set to music to play on your computer or TV.

CONTACT US to book your session

Check out our Tips page for clothing and location suggestions.

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