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JDW’s Next Top Model Contestant

Crys Way-White

“I’m Crys, I’m 32 years old. I have an amazing husband and two step sons I’ve been a hairstylist for 15 years and I am a business owner. At one time, I was the one hiding behind the camera. Now: I love being in front of it. I used to have body issues and low self esteem. It wasn’t until my late 20s that I learned to love me. I learned to love my flaws and embrace them. As I learned to love myself first, I could see others loved me for who I was and not who I wished I was. John, knows how to capture my beauty on the outside to match the beauty on the inside.”

– Crys Way-White


POWERFUL words Crys 🙂

So Crys is our first 30 + model to be posted with many more to come.

If you or anyone you know that might be interested in getting some fun professional images by “2014 Portrait Photographer of the Year” John Wills CPA. Then check out our CONTEST PAGE.

You can also check out another amazing contestant HERE.

Photographers in Waterloo

Model Contest in Guelph and Area

JDW’s Next Top Model Contestant

Ashley Wildfong


“My name is Ashley and I am a 21 year old mom of a beautiful 3 year old boy. I am currently in school for nursing as well as working full time. My life is extremely busy and finding balance can always be hard. But when I do get free time I love to spend it working out or on fashion which are two of my passions. I love clothes and being girly, but I also love to run as well as lift weights. I am not afraid to get dirty, but I clean up nice :)”

Here is Ashley’s “Before” image


“John always does an amazing job at showing these two sides of my personality as well as making me feel comfortable and beautiful with ease.” – Ashley Wildfong

CALL TODAY to enter this amazing Contest.

Big THANK YOU to all our incredible SPONSORS


And here are Ashley’s Competition Images

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Modelling Portfolio Photographers in Kitchener Waterloo

Modelling Portfolio Photographers in Kitchener Waterloo

 Professional Portfolio Photographers in Kitchener Waterloo and Guelph….. no “selfies” here 🙂

Soooooooo you want to be a model? Well if you want agencies and companies to take you seriously you better have an amazing portfolio of images. You need these to separate yourself from the wanna be models that are getting their friends with cameras to take their photos and also using “selfies”. Modelling Portfolios is what we do best. Unique, beautiful and very professional images will make you stand out in a sea of “models” wanting to get to the next level. We offer on location and in-studio sessions and will plan a custom session for each person. So if you have been thinking or trying to break into the modelling business and want to have an amazing portfolio of images give us a shout. CLICK HERE. If you are under 18 you MUST have your parents or guardians contact us please.



modelling portfolio photographers in kitchener waterloo

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