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Tri City Roller Derby Photographers

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This is Crazy Squirrel. 🙂

Squirrel is a competitive roller derby athlete who is a skating member of Tri City Roller Derby (TCRD).

Tri City Roller Derby is a registered not-for-profit, all-women’s flat-track derby league based out of Waterloo Region, Ontario. It is a skater-run, flat track roller derby league who has been members of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) since 2010.

Within the TCRD league, there are 2 home teams (Vicious Dishes & Venus Fly Tramps), 1 farm team (Total Knockouts), 1 all-star travel team (Tri City Travel), 1 amazing junior team (Tri City Junior Roller Derby), a herd of highly qualified skating officials, and a group of equally qualified and hardworking non-skating officials.

As members of the WFTDA, Tri City Travel represents TCRD at an international level. They travel across Canada as well as internationally to play roller derby at its most competitive level. There are over 275 leagues members of WFTDA, and Tri City Travel is currently ranked 47th in the world.

The home teams do less traveling, and play against teams in the surrounding areas on a slightly more recreational level.

The farm team allows for rookie skaters to learn the game and develop their skills before being drafted to home teams (or before trying out for the travel team).

The junior team is a group of athletes who are ages 9 to 17. They play against other junior teams across the Ontario.

Roller Derby is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide, combining a unique mix of supreme athletics, creativity and comradery. There are established leagues in nearly every major city in Canada including London, Hamilton, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

As roller derby has re-emerged over the past decade the emphasis has shifted from theatrics to sport. Everything you’ll see on the roller derby track is un-staged. Modern roller derby athletes are dedicated to training & pushing themselves (and each other) for continuous improvement.

If you have not had a chance to watch roller derby action, we highly recommend you do!

You can watch Crazy Squirrel as captain of Tri City Travel at TCRD’s annual Beaver Fever Tournament on May 13th-15th at 101 Father David Bauer Drive, Waterloo, ON.

She will also be representing on the Vicious Dishes as they take on the Killer Queens from Royal City Roller Derby on May 28th at 150 Lincoln Rd, Waterloo, ON. For more information, click here.

If have ever considered becoming a member of a roller derby league, we also highly recommend you do! You can find information about joining TCRD as a skater, official, coach and/or volunteer by clicking here!


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Tri City Roller Derby Photographers

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