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Well I am not to sure about what season it is right now in Ontario…….I was wearing jeans and a jacket last night on a family session 🙁 5 days ago I was photographing a wedding and was probably suffering from dehydration because it was so hot……crazy.

But the cooler temperatures sure make it nicer for family photos. I had an amazing night with 5 year old Riley and his beautiful family. I was warned ahead of time that Riley’s little brother Myles was very very shy…….well he hasn’t met this photographer yet.  How does that saying go ” like putty in my hand”….all it took was me being a bit goofy (which is how I am all the time anyway), who knew that smelling a weed could be so funny?

Most of the night we just let these 2 boys play and have fun….but we did get a chance to take some really cool photos as well.

A big thanks to this beautiful family for a great fall….er….summer evening….. I had a blast 🙂

Family Photographers in Kitchener Waterloo

Heading into a crazy wedding season. Managed to slip in a few families before our lovely vacation. Wanted to share a cool image from a recent session. I am really enjoying shooting the candids during the family sessions, they are fast becoming my favorites.

Guelph Family Photographers

The Pilskalnietis Family were in the house 🙂 Sarah and Mark brought their beautiful 7 month old boy William in for some family photos yesterday, thanks to Sarah’s Mom for the great Birthday gift. 🙂 Like most Dads ( and also this photographer ) Mark is not a big fan of having his photo taken….but as you can see by his smile it is quite obvious he loves being with his family. A big thanks to this amazing family for a great time in the studio and also the fun play time for William and my son Austin.

Family Photographers in Kitchener Waterloo

Spring is finally here 🙂 After a long couple weeks of rain, Mother Nature has finally shown us the sun. On Saturday night I met the beautiful Bot family out in the country for some fun family photos. This was their third time in 2 years coming to see me and I was really excited to see 2 year old Alice again. Wow is she ever growing up 🙂 I have had the great pleasure in photographing Alice as a newborn, when she turned one and now when she is two and it is really cool seeing her grow up. We spent a lot of time playing and just letting Alice dictate what we did. She was a trooper and in the end got her first lollipop as a special treat:)

Thanks so much Matt, Becky and Alice for a great evening.

Kitchener Waterloo Photographers

Shooting Stars was the theme of the night……sitting in a field in the middle of no where eating a bag of Doritos,  running in the bush in complete darkness, banging into bushes and just being goofy. What a great night to relax and forget about the business and just have some fun with the cameras. Thanks Jay I had a blast.

Oh ya and we did actually take a few photos. 🙂

Guelph Baby Photographers

I just wanted to wish my beautiful Mom a very Happy 65th Birthday today. You are my inspiration and I will be forever grateful for all you have done for me 🙂

Fergus Photographers

OK sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair 🙂 I went to high school with this beautiful woman about 26 years ago…..and well lets face it, one of us sure didn’t age as well as the other. You guys be the judge……. 🙂 Rhonda you are truly a very beautiful woman and I had a total blast getting to know you again after all these years. Thanks for an amazing afternoon. Oh and yes we took some very cool images as well.

Weddings at La Hacienda Sarria, Kitchener

Things are crazy busy here at John Wills Photography…..lots of exciting things that I am working on and lots of amazing clients in the studio over the next month…….it is going to be insane 🙂 I have been catching up on a bit of wedding editing while watching the devastating news about Japan…….my thoughts are with all of them. I wanted to share one more image from Nick and Brandi’s wedding before their slide show. This image truly shows the beauty of that day and the beauty of one very special bride!

Image was taken at the very beautiful Hacienda Sarria in Kitchener Ontario contact Nadine Day to book your wedding day there, you won’t be disappointed.

Portrait Photographers in Kitchener

It might have been the first day of March but things were heating up in the studio yesterday as Katie Richardson came in for a portfolio session. Usually it takes about 20 minutes for clients to get comfortable and relax but this was not the case with Katie. If I would have have timed it I am guessing this took all of 3 minutes and at the same time almost gave the photographer a heart attack…..Katie you will be happy to know my wife increased my life insurance, after you left, in case this happens again 🙂 Katie I thought long and hard about writing something smart about your friends choice of clothing….or lack there of, but have decided to leave that one alone 🙂 Thanks so much for a great afternoon ladies….I had a blast 🙂

Baby Photographers in Guelph

Actually took some time out my busy schedule today to take an image of our 3 month old son Austin. Also wanted to do it for Gramma and Grampa who are golfing in Florida for the winter and haven’t seen him in a few weeks:) Being a full time photographer I sometimes find it hard to take images of my own family, on the few days I take off I usually don’t even want to look at a camera. But boy when you have a model as cute as this I guess maybe I should be taking more. 🙂

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